About us

Celebrations was opened in 1992 by Rod and  Barbara Denton and proved a big hit with the students and residents of Oxford  straight away.  Selling everything from costumes and accessories to fluffy  handcuffs and fart gas the shop appeals to to everyone from 4 to 94 yrs  old.

We are currently gearing up to one of our  busy times of year when the students finish their exams and celebrate with   everything from champagne to helium balloons, silly string and confetti.  Get  ready to get messy!

October is our crazy time of year as  Halloween has become one of the biggest fancy dress nights of the year in the  UK.  The week leading up to the end of the month sees queues forming just to get  into the shop, so if you want a halloween costume, do come early!

Celebrations is now run by Rod and  Barbara's daughter Clare and her partner Darren.  They love running the shop  so do pop in and have a look.  Hopefully this family run business will continue on through the generations.